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His career has boomed spectacularly over the past 30 years.

Huub started his career when he was 15 years old.
His extra-ordinarily professional, internationally-orientated and inquisitive attitude has got him

a long way.

In 1998 he started his own salon in Hattem, a small town in the east of Holland: HAIR PLAZA.

In 2017 he started his second salon with the same name HAIR PLAZA in Zwolle.

Huub gives workshops and shows nationwide and internationally, appeared on a range of television programs, and works in fashion production for catwalks and magazines.

Huub has been an Artistic Master Trainer at the Italian firm Davines since 2001, and because of his successful work for the company national and international over many years, in 2010 he was made Artistic Director for Davines in the Netherlands. In all the years working for Davines, he went to many countries giving workshops, look and learns and do shows at several Hair on Stage and WWHT events. Huub was a highly valued and permanent team member in the international artistic team of Davines and trained with Angelo Seminara.   

For 8 years he represented the collections of Angelo Seminara in various countries worldwide.

Huub has already been nominated 23 years at the Coiffure Awards for the title

of “HAIRDRESSER OF THE YEAR” and has won the award 4 times.
The Dutch Coiffure Award is one of the largest and foremost hairdressing events in the world. Being nominated for this can be compared to the prestige of an Oscar nomination: it represents an international seal of approval for outstanding professional talent.


In september 2015 Huub won the famous worldwide BehindtheChair Haircolor Shot of the Year in New Orleans USA.
In 2016 and 2017 he was a multiple finalist in this worldwide competition.
In 2018 he was again a 3 times finalist and this time his work ended by the top 5 best creative haircolorists worldwide.

His work is appreciated international. He was a finalist for the AIPP Awards 2016, 2018 & 2020.

So, is he a true international hairdresser? No, the word hairdresser no longer really describes what he does. He is more of a hair psychiatrist who dissects hair right down to its core in order to then create an amazing style from it and to finish it perfectly.

Huub’s vision of hair fashion does not rely on seasonal trends, he develops it using his own concepts, inspired by subtle elements observed in the everyday street scene, combined with outlandish influences from international fashion publications from New York, London, Paris and Milan.

Global art, culture and architecture all have an influence on his creativity and he manages to channel it in his very own way into new styles and colours.
Simplicity, comfort and versatility can always be found at the very forefront of his range. Many different lifestyles exist alongside each other, and combining these with one another results in a contemporary, unique hairstyle.

Huub Eysink



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